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This course is taught online, interactively. It is going to be just like the usual tutoring sessions (if you did that before), except the 2 persons are not in the same room, but connected via Internet, namely by a voice conference application. Don't be terrified! A lot of school children can cope with that in many places of the world. We do not offer you to study the language with the help of a computer! We consider irrelevant the programs and textbooks, offered by many web sites and publishers, trying to convince you of the possibility to learn one of the hardest languages on your own. We offer you to study in the tested old-fashioned way with the guidance of our qualified tutors. It is very easy, since we are working only with a textbook. We will e-mail you the first pages of the textbook for the free demo lesson and if you like it and decide to enroll in a course, we will send you via Post Office or DHL the textbook appropriate for your level.

Besides we will e-mail you a few English-Bulgarian computer dictionaries and software for Latin keyboard, so that you can type in Bulgarian. After that we will work with the textbook and more exercises for homework. Practising the language with the help of different exercises is very essential, especially for those students who do not live in Bulgaria and do not have the opportunity to speak in Bulgarian every day. Instruction is always customized to your individual requirements! You need only a microphone and one of the free programs like Skype or Google Talk. You are the one to choose how many lessons a week you will have. Distant students have to pay in advance the charge for only ten lessons. Please take a look at our students` recommendations to see how it works from their point of view.

For those, who prefer traditional lessons in a classroom, we provide both intensive and long-term individual practical classes in Bulgarian language for foreigners. We have three large, air-conditioned and fully equipped with whiteboards, desks, chairs and computers language laboratories. The school is located in the centre of Plovdiv.

How to sign up for a free trial lesson in Bulgarian as a foreign language

If you wish to sign up for an online course, please contact us on Skype or send an e-mail containing your name, level and the best time for the free online Bulgarian lesson. If you prefer traditional tuition in a classroom, give us a call (+359 898 679 113) to arrange an appointment in our office.


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